some recent photos.

April 8, 2010

hello there!

i’ve very much been enjoying my little “staycation!”
so far i’ve been to mt. hermon (in felton, california) for a little photo walk (…some photos below, too!),
visited the natural history museum’s botanical illustrations with my mom,
trips to our favorite shops around town, etc.

but tomorrow…we’re heading down to carmel, ca!
oh how i love carmel.

it is such a storybook little town..
all the homes have names rather than numbers (charming!)
and with sweet shops and galleries all over,
it is probably my favorite place on earth.
(at least, so far. i haven’t seen much of earth yet.)

also, saturday should be rather fun.. boy and i are headed to san francisco!
i’ve already decided that i’m probably most looking forward to breakfast at Farm:Table.
if you’re near to san francisco, you really ought to check it out.
it is a teensy little place, pretty hole-in-the-wall, but that’s *exactly* why i love it!
i’ve only been there once before, a couple months ago, and it seemed that only the locals know about it.
(perhaps i shouldn’t be telling you…then ;) )
BUT. oh well.

there’s only one table.
there’s only room for one table.
everyone that can fit in Farm:Table sits around that one table,
reading the paper,
sipping espresso-beverages,
dipping into that community bowl of sugar for their cereal.

also, there are only three breakfast meals on the menu.
i enjoyed a bowl of house-made yogurt, cereal, banana, honey, and slided almonds.

(i do believe i’m craving breakfast just writing about this, and it’s a bit late in the day for that.)

photos to follow. i’m *definitely* taking my camera on saturday, and hope to have lots of lovely photos of the beautiful san franciscan-architecture, fashion-forward crowds, and a little bit of whatnot.

enough babble…here are some photos!

having recently graduated from ucsc (where the mascot is a banana slug), i felt i should pay homage by posting this. ;)

i do hope you are enjoying your week.
i’d love to see what you are working on, who’s inspired you lately, and what kind of art interests you!
share your thoughts below :)



2 Responses to “some recent photos.”

  1. I am amazed by these photos… have a nice weekend!

  2. The mascot is really a banana slug? Really??? What a strange thing to choose for a mascot…I’m going to research that! There must be a funny story behind *that* decision. :-)

    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Alyna

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