today is beautiful out.
all this beauty is making me feel generous…
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March 17, 2010

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just had to share a little something from my favorite store of all time, anthropologie.
aren’t these taper holders charming?


i love this idea..
the holder is created by lines, outlining…

pretty creative.
these would look darling on a dining room table — adding just enough whimsy and play to one’s day.

what have you found lately that you *just can’t live without*?

sets of three.

March 15, 2010

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i also thought it might be helpful to put together three of my photos (available in my shop), that are of the same theme.
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for those who miss the sea

for the nature enthusiast

for the art collector

for those who like to dream

for the playroom

to bring the outside inside

hope you enjoy!


treasures from the sea.

March 14, 2010

i took a walk to collect leaves to press, then frame, but ended up at the beach.
why did i not think to bring a bucket? i found so many lovely things!

there were so many shells and stones scattered over the wet sand,
they looked like buttons on a blanket of velvet.

i’m going to have to go again tomorrow morning to get some photos on the beach!

here is a little of what i found..

i also found this sweet little flour on the beach.
i wonder the story behind it?
was it given to someone to brighten their day?
did someone pick it to take home?
i’m so curious!

i also found some pretty little flowers and leaves to press, aren’t they darling?

what a gorgeous sunday morning!

i was flipping through martha stewart’s magazine yesterday, and loved the idea of framing pressed leaves.
i’m about to take a walk to collect some lovely green leaves, but first, a few photos from yesterday!

any fun weekend plans for you? i’d love to hear about any projects you are working on!


just a quick update — three photos have been added to my shop!

enjoy :)