on sound and memory

February 19, 2010

isn’t it strangely wonderful how sound can seemingly take you back in time?

your mind is transported back to a certain time and place,
the light shines just so,
or perhaps not.
and the air is filled with
or maybe it is filled with the vibrations of sound, resonating.
it taps into your emotions,
and instantly you are filled with some sort of feeling.

or, perhaps,
you are listening to a song for the first time.
and your mind is curious about the melody and harmony,
surprised at the charm.
you see a vague image, just barely there, provided by the song itself.
and so you listen, again and again,
willing that image to become clear.

music creates imagery..
..taking you back to a different day.
..bringing inspiration.

so go take a trip back in time,
you’ll be back before you know it.



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