vegetable delight

February 17, 2010

while walking through the grocery store picking up last-minute ingredients for dinner with the cutie, i became instantly inspired by some of the produce.

not ‘inspired by food’ as in hunger..
but about the textures and colors and shapes of rutabagas and turnips.

i love how they look stacked in the produce aisle..
all i can think about is how much i wish i had my camera to capture the elegance and grace of such a vegetable.

so today i popped on over to the grocery store and filled up my basket with gobs of veggies,
most of which i’ve never tasted,
for the sole purpose of showing off their beauty.

so please, enjoy some…

..some sort of radish..
(doesn’t it look like they have stitches? so cute!)

..turnips.. potatoes..

(i just love the shape and colors of eggplant!)
..and one of my favorite fruits..
the blueberry

speaking of blueberries…
what do you call an out of focus blueberry?

a blurberry!


P.S. if you have any delicious recipes for these veggies, please let me know.. i only bought them for prettiness’ sake! :)


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