valentine’s day outing: fort baker

February 15, 2010

yesterday, my valentine and i went on a little outing,
(followed by a very scrumptious homemade dinner of veel scallopini..a man who cooks! i think i’ll keep him)
to one of my favorite places on earth (not that i’ve been many places, but still..)

we went to fort baker, just past the golden gate bridge.

it isn’t a very well known location, for which i’m glad.
it seems to be a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered,
and each time i go, i’m constantly delighted by it’s charm.

my Valentine and i went there for him to timelapse, and for me to take still and, what i like to call, ‘moving photos.’

my nikon d90 does an amazing job with video, but i feel what i do with it is less video-like,
and more like a moving photo.
the intention for these pieces is to remind people to appreciate and enjoy simplicity.

please enjoy some images and moving photos :)

click these links for more moving photos, as well as photos from fort baker :)
have a happy monday!


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