breakfast & flowers

February 12, 2010

any day that i go to the river cafe & cheese shop is a good day.

i indulge in a breakfast burrito, sometimes a spicy chai latte, and look out the windows at the flower shop just outside.
the river cafe & cheese shop, as the name suggests,  is not just a cafe, but also a cheese shop. so prettily packaged and sitting next to jams and other treats, the cafe is a feast for the eyes.

if i wasn’t so shy about taking photos in public, i’d have more to show you.. but here is what i ended up with!

nom nom

and of course, i can’t visit the cafe without adoring the flowers next door..
it’s probably a very strange thing to say, but more often than not, i am fascinated with the ground here. in the fall, leaves are scattered across the wood patio. when it is as foggy and wet as it was today, the wood is saturated with rain, and i can’t help myself but wish i had my camera.
and these little sweeties worked their charm on me…i couldn’t help but bring them home with me. :)
so i brought them home,
and i clipped..
and i plunked them into a pretty little blue vase…
and i looooove themmm…
hope you have a lovely friday!

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