little project: mini terrarium

February 10, 2010

it probably stems from my adoration of the idea of fairies when i was younger, but i adore mini terrariums.

(speaking of fairies, did you ever see “FairyTale: A True Story?” so cute!)
teensy little beings fluttering around their own teensy little world.
i see terrariums as a little world contained in a glass jar,
(and call me ‘silly’ all you want, but they’re so charming that i think even a fairy would want to call one home)
it even “rains!”

and so, i had to make a terrarium.
and of course, i thought it would be fun to share with you.
follow along if you’d like to make your own, it’s simple, really!


steps one and two

1. in the clean glass jar, i put a layer of aquarium rocks. this layer is for water drainage, to help prevent the plants’ roots from rotting.
2. after the layer of rocks, i put a layer of charcoal. this cleans the air of fumes created when the organic materials decompose.

steps three and four

3. put a nice thick layer of potting soil. i landscaped it a bit so it has a couple hills…just to make it a little interesting. ;)
4. sprinkle the seeds or plant the plant of your choice! make sure that if you are planting a flower or moss, that you shake out the dirt from the roots as much as possible.


5. mist your new garden generously with water. over the next few days you’ll see it recycled over and over, but make sure to keep it moist inside! you may also add a little decor to your new world, if you so desire! i have a little gimpy garden gnome  watching over what should be a patch of clovers. *crosses fingers*
6. enjoy immensely.



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