simple pleasures: breakfast

February 8, 2010

i heart...

someone asked me what my favorite simple pleasure was, and without a doubt, i knew it was a bright, early morning.

i used to go to the gym with my mom at least three times a week, and to fit it into our schedules, we went about 6:thirty or 7 in the morning. back at home, we would enjoy a freshly french-pressed cup of coffee and low-fat yogurt with berries, banana, and granola.

and this — the simplicity of a morning off to a fresh, crisp start — refreshed me.
the day was crisp and new,
anything could happen.



5 Responses to “simple pleasures: breakfast”

  1. thinks looks sooo yummy. I recently went vegan, but I’m going to have to break my habit a bit so I can eat some yogurt.

  2. .K Says:

    Gosh, that heart is AWESOME :) Love it.

  3. Chris Says:

    Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Cheers. :-)

  4. vicky Says:

    you take the prettiest of pictures!

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