February 7, 2010

i have a book.

two, actually.
and they are absolutely full of images torn out from magazines about homes.

as my style changes, so do the books. images get torn out, leaving bits and piece behind, which i don’t bother to clean off. sometimes these remnants serve as frames for the new pieces, as the glue holds the color back from an old picture.
the books feel cosy and loved, and i love to turn through the many pages of these ideas and those ideas.

now that i’ve had a chance to decorate my own room, i can’t wait to share it with you!
i may have gotten a bit carried away with the whole nature-inspired theme, but i still love it.
a peacock feather-patterned rug races the hardwood floor, while mini cardboard taxidermy heads of a moose, rhino, and buck hang on my headboard.
glittered birds with crowns sit atop a birdcage next to a faux piece of white coral…while a little moss terrarium, home to a teensy plastic gnome and fawn, sits in the window.

pictures will be added soonly, as it is too night for the lighting to be any good. :)

i have been finding many sources of interior design inspiration from blogs, but would love to hear/see what it is you are working on!



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