destination: known

February 6, 2010

with every fiber of my being, i want to travel.

i want to see the world by plane, train, boat, horseback, foot…all of the above.
someday life will lead me to ireland, italy, switzerland, sweden, among many other destinations.

i yearn to live the life of a local in these places;
to find the best hone-in-the-wall eateries that tourists will never find..
to sit in the countryside and watch sheep nom their way thru the rolling hills of ireland..
to hear the happy chatter of families and friends dining outside a restaurant along the sidewalk, accompanied by local musicians singing and playing their sweet little hearts out…

it seems as though other countries know how to live.

i don’t want to get so caught up in a career that i forget about simple pleasures that make life rich and full and wonderful.

my passport should be coming in about two weeks, and i am so determined to fill it with stamps, little reminders of adventures in exotic lands so seemingly far, far away.
until then, i’m planning my hop, skip, and jump across The Pond.


2 Responses to “destination: known”

  1. It’s just so much easier once you have the passport. You CAN jump on a plane last minute if you have the opportunity. It’s amazing how different you feel
    good luck

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