a not-dead crab: bob

February 6, 2010

lovely crab: bob

one of the favorite photos i’ve taken lately is ‘crabby.’

while taking pictures at fort baker just past the golden gate bridge in san francisco, i walked onto a tiny little dock and found a disassembled crab. the poor fella had been picked apart by a seagull, most likely, and left on his back.
normally, i am creeped out by things that aren’t living that once were, but this time i was curious.
the lighting was rather lovely, and the dock so saturated with rain meant the tones would be precious. the crab was also sort of lovely, too… in a strange sort of way.
i stood over him to get a picture from straight-above, and what did i see through my lens? a little crab arm waving at me.

this, naturally, prompted a bit of screaming.
(i was okayyyy with it being dead, but scaring me like that just isn’t cool, silly crab)

so perhaps he wasn’t all that dead.
maybe he was flagging me down for help,
or just wanted to say goodbye.
he never did explain.

i named him bob.
here is the original portrait of bob.

rest in peace, bob.



2 Responses to “a not-dead crab: bob”

  1. Julie Says:

    You are too cute, Shannon. I would’ve screamed a bit too, don’t worry.

    Love seeing the original to compare your post processing. Some really lovely tones there :)

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