February 4, 2010

oftentimes i forget that a quiet house is a good thing.


i usually have some sort of background noise going — a tv series that i don’t watch or a playlist playing.
ever notice how silence can be deafening?

i need to remember the beauty of quiet.
to appreciate the sound of a tick-tick-ticking clock.
to hear beyond the silence…
similar to john cage’s “4:33.”

if you are unfamiliar with this piece, imaging a pianist sitting at a piano. not playing, not moving, just sitting.
instead of hearing a piece of music in the traditional manner, one hears the music of life.
chairs sqeaking,
people sneezing,
a child giggling,
the train roaring by outside,

you hear.
this is the silence cage wanted us to appreciate.
so all i have to say for now, is.. hushhhhh.


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