a quick project and cardboard taxidermy

February 2, 2010

today i thought i’d share a little project i did yesterday.

behind my bed is a room divider flat against the wall, used as a headboard. it is painted white, and been just a little too dull for my taste. i’ve been meaning to paint on it for a long while, but could never decide what to paint.
finally, yesterday, i hopped in the car and went to the craft store to buy silver acrylic paint and a paintbrush…and when i got home, started painting without a thought.

and, i’m pretty happy with the results! i’m a huge fan of patterns found in nature, so i painted fish scales (something super simple, mostly because i have a hard time drawing  a stick figure).

the little buck you see here is made of cardboard, and i found him in my favorite store of all time in santa cruz, ca…stripe. more cardboard taxidermy can be found at their online website, cardboard safari.

i really love the playfulness the cardboard taxidermy brings, so whimsical! my bedroom is full of inspiration from nature, and i love having a sweet little deer (buck), moose (fred), and rhino (robbie) chillin in here with me. :)

i’d love to hear about any projects you might be working on, leave a comment if you please! :)



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