inspiration: fragments and sappho

February 1, 2010


though i did not realize it at the time, studying sappho’s fragmented poems in lyric traditions, an upper-division greek literature course, encouraged me greatly to compose my photographs as “fragments,” or “glimpses.”
though sappho intended for her audience to be presented with her poems wholly, time and weather have reduced most of her poems to a few legible words. the remains of these poems, being only a few words, leave so much room for readers’ imagination to play.

some of my favorites of hers are,
“cloth dripping,”
“just now goldsandaled Dawn,”
“i long and seek after,” and most of all,
“neither for me nor the honey bee.”

these fragmented poems are so elegant, each seems like a small treasure that the reader has to stop and entertain in order to appreciate, whatever it is these words bring to mind.

these words have inspired me greatly.


it wasn’t until two years after creating photos in this fragmented manner, did i realize how much sappho inspired me completely subconsciously.
like sappho’s readers, i hope that my audience doesn’t “see” a photograph as a whole, but rather as a piece of the puzzle.
you are to fill the voids.
see what you want to.
my photos are merely here to inspire you.



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