a cozy sunday

February 28, 2010

it’s rather rare that I have a sunday off work, so I am very much enjoying today!

earlier I went to a birthday party fir my favorite two-year old (pics to come!), and am currently cozy-d up in a coffee shop with the cutie himself..sipping a mocha, gearing up for a trip to the monterey bay aquarium!

monterey and carmel are a couple of my favorite places..
such a different vibe than my town,
so friendly,
and even though it’s only an hour away from home, it feels further,
and I enjoy it so much for that very reason.

what are you up to this lovely sunday?


blog it forward + inspiration

February 26, 2010


i am so excited to be participating in sfgirlbybay’s blog it forward — a bunch of bloggers sharing what inspires us most! yesterday, Her Sunday Dress passed the blogging torch to me.. and here is what inspires me most.


space, a void,
i can’t help but want to fill it with something lovely.
a blank page, a fresh start.
the possibility of greatness is waiting.


a simple melody, a charming harmony,
sings to my soul, gives my heart wings.
i hear in color and imagery, and long to express it creatively.


an understatement can be louder than words ever can.
i want to leave you guessing,
wondering what was just barely out of frame,
just barely out of focus.
you fill in the blanks, be inspired,
and the circle will continue.

i do hope you enjoy the rest of the blog-it-forward mashup, so do sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy some more blogs! tomorrow, g r a i n l i n eis up, make sure to visit her. :)

oh, and one more image for you. below (look close!) is a favorite graphic i made.. it is a bit hard to see (much better in person, of course), but i like to think of it as a visual whisper.

happy friday!


a little bird

February 24, 2010

a little bird sits across from me, curiously,
his beady little eyes look into mine, and suddenly,
I feel smaller than him.

he ruffles his feathers,
revealing an indigo blue.

he doesn’t say much, only chirps a couple times,
and it seems to take most of his effort for such a sound.

off he flew with a friend,
perhaps to explore the cheerful morning together.

don’t you love the feeling you get when you are shown something so small,
so beautiful,
and you find that everything isn’t as hard as you’re making it?

a tiny little bird isn’t so small anymore when it reminds you of the small joys in life.
it’s almost as if that little bird was sent to give you a smile,
and that, my friend, is one of the best feelings in the world.

I hope your day will be brightened by a small joy, as well.


p.s. this whimsical graphic is available in my shop :)

so. basically I just need an idea or two.
I am dying to print some triptychs and put them in my shop, but how, oh how to display them?

it would be preferable to not frame them..I think edges should be left clean so as to not interrupt the image (even tho it is already split into three).

what would you do?
what would you like to see?
how would you want a triptych hanging on your wall?

do tell, if you please! :)



February 22, 2010

this weekend i got to go to dinner at a hip little restaurant in san francisco, called Triptych.

Triptych is a restaurant, catering service, and art gallery.
and now, of course, i want to hang some work there!

it got me thinking about triptychs, obviously, and i came up with this just this morning,
and am very excited to get them printed!
hopefully, too, Triptych would like to hang them. i think it’s the perfect place!

and of course, all together it would look something like this:

what i really love about these images, is the ‘raw’ feeling.
barely edited, it feels natural and there.
i think they’d look lovely hanging on a wall, a little bit of the outside brought in.


meet the captain.

February 22, 2010

i have a new little friend!
he’s gorgeously shiny and blue,
an excellent swimmer (one should hope),
rather quiet,
and his name is captain.

he lives on my dresser that sits under a window,
and swims in circles all day long.
i’ve found that he is rather camera-shy, but i’m sure he’ll perk up. :)

another thing, unrelated to fish,
i finally got back into going to the gym again, and oh!-does it feel good!
..and..blueberries on top of a bagel with cream cheese makes a delightful breakfast!
i just couldn’t pass up having some sweet berries.

happy monday!

all things good.

February 19, 2010

I have decided that tomorrow will be filled with all things good.
+sleeping in a wee bit
+getting my prints matted
+new cropped pants from work
+seeing the cutie
+gold dress, and
+meeting some of cutie’s friends at a hip little restaurant in san francisco

oh hooray for days off :)