lines in the sky

January 29, 2010

power lines have become increasingly fascinating to me over the past year or so.

there is a simple elegance about them…the delicacy of such a line breaking up our view of the sky in such a gentle manner; a sweet curve, repeated over and over and over. it is this delicacy of line against the naturally-beautiful and always-changing sky that captures me so, especially when i’m the one moving underneath.

it is something that a photograph can’t capture wholly, the movement and change in perspective can only be truly engrossing in life, when you experience it for yourself, and not quite done justice by video.

of course, power lines are only the beginning to this fascination, as you can see it extends to lines of light…like here —->

(you probably noticed both photos are very soft, but that is a blog post for another day. :) )

last but not least, here is my favorite video so far — the full version is a bit too large for flickr to post in whole, but you’ll get the jist of it (at least until i find a way to post the whole thing). besides the visual aesthetics of it, the reason it is my favorite is because if you listen closely, you can hear people asking if you would like to sample their food, like clam chowder. i purposely stayed as quiet as i could so that the viewer could experience this walk themselves, as if they were there. i hope you enjoy. :) lights on fisherman’s wharf, monterey


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