July 6, 2008

i’ve noticed lately that the photos i post to flickr are glimpses more than anything else. something i see will catch my eye and i want to remember it.
sometimes it’s the small things that have the most beauty.

a simplistic elegance.
a sweet air about it.

everyday things are everyday things.
but i want to make them more than that. i want people to see these glimpses –photos– and see the beauty in the small things.
i want people to re-think “beauty”.

just about anything can be beautiful, you just have to see it.


One Response to “.glimpses”

  1. eunice Says:

    We encounter so much things in a single day that we tend to forget things that are worth remembering. Or something really small that’s easily neglected at the end of the day. I’m glad that photography exists because we’re not superhumans enough to remember every detail. [: I love your photos in your flickr.

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