July 6, 2008

i’ve noticed lately that the photos i post to flickr are glimpses more than anything else. something i see will catch my eye and i want to remember it.
sometimes it’s the small things that have the most beauty.

a simplistic elegance.
a sweet air about it.

everyday things are everyday things.
but i want to make them more than that. i want people to see these glimpses –photos– and see the beauty in the small things.
i want people to re-think “beauty”.

just about anything can be beautiful, you just have to see it.

fresh beginnings

July 4, 2008

shelf plates
i love small spaces.

maybe this comes from the fact that i grew up in a small home. a little under nine-hundred square feet for a family of five.
and while it is small, i wouldn’t trade it for the world. it is an old house, and has so much character and charm. the uneven walls in the bathroom, gingerbread in the kitchen, the squealy doors… it is adorable.
and my mother has made it all the more beautiful by maximizing space, painting the ceilings blue, and furnishing it with white and blue things.
my parents have made a lovely home.

it is this lovely, cozy home that has inspired me to no end. i seem to be adopting a style similar to my mother’s, which i am quite happy about. clean. fresh. fun. quiet. soft. lovely. charming. unique. gentle. cozy. all this and more, i try to capture in my photos.

it is the little things i am drawn to. and color. i swoon over a nice teal. i love the way i see. and if only i could capture how i see in photos would i be truly satisfied.

until then, i keep a camera close by.